Find New Tenants. Anytime. Anywhere.

Shorten Your Rental Cycle

For years real estate agents have used powerful tools like the real estate MLS and referral networks to sell or lease real estate. Property Management companies have fallen behind in the race for tools and technology. With the release of Property Rental MLS, the Property Management game is now changing. Jump on board and be amoung the first in your area to gain a competitive advantage.

Our proprietary MLS technology allows you to search for and lease homes and condos listed by other management companies. And every time you do, you'll earn a commission. At the same time, other management companies will be able to find tenants for your listings. It is a win-win situation. They get a commission and you lease your property faster.


Find Tenants for Your Properties Faster

Make more money by renting faster
Hundreds of leasing agents help you get your available properties rented faster. Leased real estate equates to monthly management fees.
Get paid for leasing other property managers' listings
It does not matter if you are the listing agent or leasing agent. You still get paid for getting a lease signed.
Sophisticated MLS
Narrow down search criteria so that you only show the homes and condominiums that your clients really want to see. Fewer showings to a get leasing agreement signed.
Get paid even if you didn't show your rental property
Leasing agents will be showing your available real estate listings and bringing you potential tenants.
Save the home owner money
The faster the home is rented out, the sooner the home owner generates an income.
No software hassles
With Property Rental MLS, there is no software to install. Simply sign in from any internet-connected PC or Mac. You'll never have to upgrade your software again as improvements to our product are included with your membership. You'll always be on the latest version.

Find Properties for Your Prospects Faster

List more homes
Home owners are excited to list with a property manager that is part of the Property Rental MLS, having access to hundreds of leasing agents. They understand that will help get their home rented fast.
Monetize more potential tenants
Potential renters will remain loyal to you because you have access to hundreds of property managers' inventories.
Search thousands of listings
Search hundreds of managers' inventory, helping you find the perfect match for your tenant.
Achieve a better return on advertising dollars
Make money on more advertising-driven prospects that you don't have to turn away.
Built in referral program
Get real estate agents to refer listings to you.
Drive more business to your company.
Using our MLS will lower your rent cycle while raising home owners rent cycles causing home owners to want a property manager.
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